Photo from TV Advert LaunchMeldrum Academy pupils preview TV advert for bus safety campaign

Pupils at Meldrum Academy will be shown an advert to promote safety while travelling on school buses before it is aired to the public on Monday, September 27.

Aberdeenshire Council is holding a launch of the TV advert at the school as part of a series of events from poster competitions to road safety shows with the aim of promoting safety on school buses.

The commercial is an extension of the 1second1life campaign, launched in 2009 by Aberdeenshire Council and funded by Talisman Energy (UK) Limited.

Grampian Police, Aberdeenshire Council and neighbouring authorities Moray and Aberdeen City are set to relaunch the campaign through the use of a TV advert aired during the first two weeks of October and start of November on STV. It will target a wider audience of young people, parents and road users

Aberdeenshire Council also promoted the use of seatbelts with local boxer Lee Mcallister at an event earlier this month.

This forms part of a renewed focus from Scottish Government, Road Safety Scotland and the Association of Chief Police Officers Scotland (ACPOS) to encourage drivers and passengers to wear their seatbelts every time they are in any vehicle, to save lives.

All events will aim to raise awareness of the importance of safety on school buses and will take place over the next six months. 

Chairman of Aberdeenshire Council’s Infrastructure Services Committee Councillor Peter Argyle said: “The advert is intended to raise awareness of safety to road users, bus users and parents and send the message home that it is in everyone’s interests to be aware that it only takes a second for a life to be lost.”

Councillor Richard Stroud, chairman of the council’s Education, Learning and Leisure committee, said: “Young people have to be aware of what is happening all around them when they are travelling on not just school transport but in any vehicle and that they are responsible for their own safety. 

“With this campaign we hope that they will take away the safety messages we are trying to teach them and take time to consider their safety.”

Road Safety Manager at Grampian Police Leslie Harrold said: “The police are often first at the scene and all too often are faced with a situation that could have been prevented if a seatbelt had been worn or someone had stopped to check what was happening around them. 

“If we can get people to listen and take heed of the safety messages we are trying to put across to everyone then we could see a real difference in the terrible statistics we have to face every year.”

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